The Department of English Language and Literature, Faculty of Arts, Cairo University seeks to attain an internationally acclaimed academic and cultural status by preparing and educating generations of academics, researchers, translators, and English language proficient graduates who can be future leaders of their society and compete successfully in the local and international labor markets.


The Department of English Language and Literature seeks to:

1-produce original, creative and inter-culturally based knowledge by fostering a well-developed educational and research environment based on academic integrity, creative and critical thinking and nourished by interdisciplinarity, human knowledge and world literatures.

2-develop research methods, international publishing and knowledge exchange.

3-enhance collaboration with Egyptian and international universities, research centers and institutions.

4-enhance collaboration with governmental organizations and civil society foundations to promote community service.

Objectives and Strategic Goals of the Department of English Language and Literature

1-producing graduates, who are proficient in English, have problem solving and critical thinking skills and show tolerance and understanding of different cultures.

2-producing efficient graduates who can meet labor market requirements.

3-producing generations of academics and researchers who can keep up with recent research trends and contribute to local, regional and international knowledge production.