Undergraduate Course Descriptions

First Year – First Term

Arabic Language and Civilization (1) 030111

Objective: Introducing students to Arabic literature through discussing a variety of texts, and connecting these texts with Arabic civilization.

Content: Reading and discussing various Arabic literary texts, and studying the relationship between these texts and Arabic civilization.

Introduction to Translation 030112

Objective: Introducing students to the concept of translation of languages and applying it to translation in Arabic and English.  Clarifying the basic characteristics of both English and Arabic languages.

Content: To help students identify the characteristics of both Arabic and English languages, through different texts and train them in using dictionaries.

Grammar and Essay (Written) 030113

Objective: Introducing students to basic English grammar, how to properly use grammar in writing, how to write a comprehensive paragraph and introduce students to the basics elements of writing an essay and its different forms.

Content: Understanding English language grammar, connecting reading with writing, analysing different articles to identify elements of writing an article, how to articulate well written sentences, increase linguistic skills and grammar in writing and focus on comparative and cause and effect relationships.

Introduction to Cultural Studies 030114

Objective: Introducing modern trends in Western culture, and basics of visual culture (Short films, documentaries, photography, fine Arts and photographed journalism).  Also, relating visual culture to written culture (Literature) and developing the students’ critical and creative skills in preparation to study Literature and other forms of culture.

Content: Studying the difference between visual culture production and visual commercial production, developing visual criticism based on the tools of each art separately, and relating different forms of Arts, critical analysis and deriving the underlying message in visual Arts.

Introduction to English Literature (1) 030115

Objective: Introducing students to the definition of Literature and different literary genres.  Studying the relationship between literary works and its timeframe.

Content: Studying the definitions of Literature, discussing literary works to study the difference between a short story, a poem, play and other literary genres.

First Year – Second Term

European Language 030121

Objective: Introducing students to how to read texts in second European language through discussing various texts.

Content: Studying different texts in second European language and discussing them.

 Topic in Literature 030122

Objective: Introducing students to the history of literature and the roots of main literary genres.

Content: Reading and analysing selected texts that lead to understanding the history of literature and the roots of main literary genres.

Research Skills 030123

Objective: Introducing students to the concept of scientific research and developing their research skills.  Introducing students to the basics of scientific writing, how to write research papers and ethics of research.

Content: Introducing scientific research tools and documentation APA and MLA, copyrights, risks of quoting without mentioning the source of quotation.

Comprehension and Listening 030124

Objective: Developing reading, understanding and analytic skills.  Developing students’ skills to identify correct sentences, understand English conversations and answer questions that improve their analytic and critical skills.

Content: Reading and analysing different prose texts through studying various selected texts in the English language.

Introduction to English Literature (2) 030125

Objective: In-depth introduction to different literary genres throughout different eras in history, literary appreciation, critical thinking, and the relationships between different literary genres.

Content: Critical reading and analysing texts in drama, novel, short story and poetry.

Introduction to Linguistics 030126

Objective: General introduction of students to different sections of linguistics and enabling them to understand different curricula in studying linguistics which would assist them to connect between current linguistic curriculum this year and the years to come.

Content: Enabling students to understand and use different linguistic terms and train students in comparing between different languages on different linguistic levels.


Second Year – First Term

Arabic Language and Arab Civilization (2) 030211

Objective: It aims at a profound study of Arabic literary texts linking them to the Arab civilization and comparing them with other literary texts written in other languages.

Content: Discussing and studying the relations between Arabic literary texts and Arab civilization in addition to comparing them with other literary texts written in other languages.

Phonetics 030212

Objective: It aims at introducing students to phonetics, phonetic symbols, intonation, tunes and their different forms. The students is also introduced to the comparison of different languages and the levels of linguistic analysis especially between Arabic and English

Content: applying the rules of Phonetics, studying English vowels and consonants and training on correct reading and pronunciation in addition to holding conversation.  

Introduction to Criticism 030213

Objective: It aims at introducing students to major concepts of criticism, the beginning of criticism in the classical era, literary and critical schools in addition to practical criticism.

Content: Reading texts to know the historical background of literary theories in addition to analyzing texts belonging to different critical schools.

Cultural Studies (1) 030214

Objective: It aims at introducing students to the different ages of the English and Western civilizations and their impact on culture and thought, the features the different ages and how they are related, and the reason for the rise and decline of ages.

Content: Handling some texts that brought about radical changes in the western culture in addition to providing students with a historical background of the social, political and economic conditions of the western history to enable him/her to link them to culture.

Poetic Movements (1) 030215

Objective: It aims at introducing students to poetry and its major elements and movements.

Content: training students to recognize the elements of poetry and applying the theoretical knowledge of the different movements of poetry to different poetic texts through reading poetic texts belonging to the Renaissance, the neo classical age and metaphysical poetry in addition to training students to attempt a contrastive analysis from a critical perspective.


Second Year – Second Term

Foreign Language 030221

Objective: It aims at introducing students to the comprehension and analysis of texts written in his/her second language through discussing different texts.

Content: Reading texts dealing with ideas and events that are of interest to students to enhance their thought and develop their skills to use that language.

Arabic-English & English-Arabic Translation (1) 030222

Objective: It aims at introducing students to the different techniques and types of translation. The student also studies some of the Arabic and English syntax, word choice and use of vocabulary.

Content: Discussing the theoretical principles of translation and training students to translate texts about current affairs.

Reading & Essay Writing 030223

Objective: It aims at introducing students to reading different types of essays with the aim of analyzing these essays and using them in writing about different topics while adhering to academic integrity.

Content: Training students to write different types of essays that involve comparison, description, discussion, definition and analysis.

Syntax  030224

Objective: It aims at introducing students to syntax, sentence constituents and their interrelations in addition to the different types of English sentence including simple and compound ones.

Content: Handling texts that help students improve their skills of analyzing different types of sentences to be able to form correct English sentences, whether simple or compound ones.

Elements of the English Novel  030225

Objective: It aims at introducing students to the elements of the novel through reading important critiques of the elements of the novel, reading early English novels and analyzing literary texts from the point of the view of the novel.

Content: Understanding and discussing the concept and elements of the novel in addition to analyzing characters, perspective, plot, setting and style.

Elements of Drama  030226

Objective: It aims at introducing students to the elements of drama and the dramatic structure of comedy and tragedy in addition to the tragic character and different examples of dramatic and comic characters. Students also introduced to different styles used in play writing.

Content: analyzing different plays from the perspectives of the different literary movements under study and linking them to the cultural background of the ages in which they were written.


Third Year – First Term

Engl0311 Scientific Thinking

Objective: To introduce students to the concept of scientific thinking in humanities

Content: Reading texts that familiarize students with the concept of scientific thinking, and train them to use it in their own thinking and study

Engl0312 Drama Movements

Objective: To introduce students to the different literary movements from the emergence of classical drama to the modern and postmodern times, with particular reference to the influence of such movements on drama

Content: Analyses of selected plays from the perspective of the literary movements under study, linking these dramatic texts to the cultural backgrounds to the ages in which they were written, and comparing how the different literary movements tend to analyse the select texts

Engl0313 Arabic-English & English-Arabic Translation (2)

Objective To introduce students to theoretical concepts in translating varieties of language, train them to combine theory and practice in translation and allow them to learn about various aspects of English culture.

Content Translation of different kinds of text: literary, autobiographical, journalistic, etc., discussion of theories involved in translation, and holding seminars to discuss translated texts.

 Engl0314 Comparative Studies (1)

Objective: To introduce students to different theoretical concepts of comparative literature and studies, encourage them to discuss various relevant topics, and compare different Arabic and English texts across cultures and time

Content: Analyses of Arabic and English texts from a comparative perspective to develop critical skills and the ability to establish connections between different cultures and concepts; for this purpose, various literary and non-literary texts are dealt with

Engl0315 Theoretical & Practical Criticism (1)

Objective: To introduce students to literary and critical schools in the Romantic and Victorian ages, and apply this knowledge to the analysis of texts from the perspectives of these different critical schools

Content: Introduction to both the Romantic age and the Victorian age, with exercises in the literary appreciation of selected poetic and prose texts from the two periods, based on critical discussion.


Third Year – Second Term

Engl0321 Cultural Studies (2)

Objective: To introduce the main intellectual movements which have influenced literature, and to explore the impact of historical developments on English, and more generally Western, literature(s)

Content: Reading texts to explore how the history of rationalistic ideologies has led to scientific, social and political revolutions in England and the Western world, and  to identify and critique the limitations of different periods of this history

Engl0322 Poetic Movements (2)

Objective: To explore different poetic movements in depth – in particular from Neoclassicism to Victorianism- and study representative poetic texts along this continuum

Content: Exercises in applying theoretical backgrounds related to the different poetic movements to specific poems or poetic extracts by means of textual and comparative analyses

Engl0323 Semantics and Pragmatics

Objective: To introduce students to Semantics and Pragmatics, and familiarize them with such relevant concepts as assumption, presupposition, speech acts, politeness and implicature maxims

Content: Exercises in understanding the relationship between sentence structure and semantic implication and function in context, the speech acts involved in different linguistic structures, and various levels of context-defined politeness

Engl0324 American Studies (1)

Objective To introduce students to the rise of the American civilization and the concept of the American Dream, and their consequences on American culture and literature through a study of the relevant historical backgrounds and representative literary texts in the fields of poetry, drama and the novel, extending from the establishment of the United States to the twentieth century

Content: Reading and comparing texts, to identify how they relate to the concept of the American Dream and to different political and religious issues, discussing the role played by the selected texts in the construction of the American identity, and tracing the relationship between the individual and the community in the American society since the time of the early pioneers

Engl0325 Literary Movements in the English Novel

Objective: To introduce the different literary movements in the English novel, and study works by major novelists and other prose writings with reference to their cultural backgrounds

Content: Reading fictional and non-fictional texts intended to explore the influence of literary movements on the English novel, examine how the novel articulates various socio-political realities of England, and analyse the strengths and weaknesses of different periods

Engl0326 Research Reading & Writing

Objective: To train students to write on controversial issues in an academic form based on scientific guidelines, and to allow them to develop skills of argument, conversation, listening and rhetoric

Content: Exercises designed to help students develop a proper, integrated, fully academic writing style, and motivate them to read extensively in a critical, analytical manner, and present/defend a case of interest by debating argument and counterargument


 Fourth Year – First Term

Human Rights 030411

Objective: Introducing students to the definition of human rights and the similarities and differences in handling human rights issues across different cultures

Content: Reading, analyzing, and comparing a number of texts to understand cultural differences in dealing with the issue of human rights

Selected Topics in Fiction and Non-Fictional Prose 030412

Objective:  Introducing students to the main aspects of the chosen topic to be able to analyze relevant texts

Content: Analyzing novels that represent the chosen topics such as post-colonial novels, women’s writing, children’s literature… etc.

Graduation Project 030413

Objective: Training students to write research papers and prepare presentations on topics they select about an issue of interest to the community for the purpose of promoting critical thinking and analytical reading

Content: Developing students’ writing skills, academic integrity, selective reading, merging reference material with analytical reading, language proficiency, organization of ideas, and creativity in proposing solutions for community’s problems

Cultural Studies (3) 030414

Objective: Introducing students to the cultural, social, and political background of Europe in the 20th century, with special emphasis on Britain, and the influence of American culture on the European continent

Content: Reading texts that define the main characteristics of different cultural movements, comparing between different schools of thought, introducing the ideas of philosophers and writers that influenced this era, and analyzing literary texts in light of their political and cultural contexts

Theoretical and Practical Criticism (2) 030415

Objective: Introducing students to modern literary theories and critical schools and training students to analyze texts accordingly

Content: Applying theory on literary texts and developing students’ critical skills


Fourth Year – Second Term

Selected Topics in Linguistics

Objective: Introducing students to different topics in Applied Linguistics such as second language acquisition, teaching methods, discourse analysis, exams and evaluations, and socio-linguistics, providing them with the necessary information to select the field of specialization in Linguistics, and offering the knowledge and skills required for working in teaching or other fields

Content: A general introduction to different types of Applied Linguistics then focusing on a particular topic

Arabic-English and English-Arabic Translation (3)

Objective: Introducing students to modern translation theories and studying the means of applying to different texts

Content: Training students to understand modern translation theories and to read, analyze, and translate different specialized texts as well as reports that tackle current affairs

Selected Topics in Poetry

Objective: Tackling selected topics in modern and contemporary poetry, studying the theoretical context of different poems, comparing the selected topics in this era such as images of women, political poetry and so on with earlier eras.

Content: Developing students’ ability to read poetry critically, compare different poems, and acquire in depth knowledge in particular topics

Comparative Studies (2)

Objective: Developing students’ knowledge of the different aspects of comparative studies, which link between literature and other studies in different languages, enhancing their skills in comparing between different cultures and concepts, promoting dialogue and acceptance of the other, and analyzing texts in Arab and English across different eras

Content: In-depth analysis of Arabic and English literary and non-literary texts that represent different critical schools within a comparative framework that allows comparison between different cultures

Selected Topics in Drama

Objective: Tackling different issues in drama in general and modern and contemporary drama in particular and studying texts within their theoretical framework with special focus on the selected topic such Shakespeare, absurd theatre, images of women… etc.

Content:  In-depth analysis of special topics in drama, comparison of different texts, and analysis of the context in which the studied plays were written

American Studies (2) 030426

Objective: Studying the literature and thought of different ethnic American groups that immigrated to the US, such as Jewish Americans, Arab Americans, Hispanic Americans, and African Americans, with special emphasis on the way they combine their native culture with that of the host country

Content: Acquiring knowledge about contemporary American culture and the diversity with which it is characterized and which shaped American identity and contemporary American literature