Cairo Studies in English

Format Requirements

Document Type: Microsoft Word

    1.     Font= Times New Roman 12

2.     Paper Size + A4

3.     Margins:

       Top Margin = Inches (2.24)

        Bottom Margin = Inches (2.24)

        Left Margin = Inches (1.58)

        Right Margin = Inches (1.58)

        Gutter = Inches (0)

        Header Distance = Inches (1.97)

        Footer Distance = Inches (2.09)

  • Even page header must include the contributor’s name in italics (font size is 10)
  •   Odd page header must include the title of the paper (or part of it) in italics (font size is 10)
  • The title of the paper must be capitalized  For the Works Cited and Notes, see any of the recent issues of Cairo Studies in English

Please check the MLA and APA Documentation for other required formats.