Academic Advising

Academic Advising involves guiding students to the best ways to make the best
choices, to achieve the best results and adapt to the university environment.

Upon joining the Department, students are assigned to an academic advisor, one
of the first year tutors, who follows their progress throughout the four years
of study, and “advises” them on the following areas:

·       their academic goals

·       their academic achievement

·       relevant university regulations

·       the available resources

·       handling problems they may face

·       Postgraduate course selection, registration, drop/add and withdrawal within the credit-hour
system, and thesis proposal writing.

The Student’s role:

·       Learning the Academic Advisor’s Office Hours

·       Contacting the Academic Advisor regularly either through email or face-to-face
during office hours or by appointment

·       Having a clear vision and preparing a list of questions ahead to make the most
of the appointment

·       Postgraduate students’ should seek the Academic Advisor’s advice and approval of their course
selection, drop/add, and withdrawal, abiding by time frame announced by the
Graduate Studies Office